Good Morning….A preliminary watercolor and watercolor pencil sketch for a larger piece of art work. I’m considering a collage and watercolor Agave plant.  I have plenty in my backyard for studies. Have a creative day.

7′ x7″ watercolor, watercolor pencil


Oak Leaf

Out of the many hundreds of oak leaves falling in my yard, I picked this one to paint. The mottled colors would present a challenge. I spent a few hours on Sunday practicing with watercolor, watercolor pencil and Kuretake Zig watercolor brush paints. I used multiple layers of color to achieve my results. A few hours well spent. Happy Monday!

Gnarled Gourd

Good Morning – My daughter purchase some gourds for fall decoration. I just loved this small gnarled one,  a perfect model for watercolor.

size: 5′ x 7″ watercolor, black pen, posterized in Photoshop.

Leaves are Falling

Greetings….I’m finally moved into my new house and my routine is starting to return to normal. This week I can begin my art making, again. Today’s post is from the archives, a fitting image for the fall season.

Watercolor Practice

Good morning… below are a couple of watercolor practice pieces. They are both 5” x 7”. My practice was specifically for blending and layering color. Watercolor has never ending surprises and it is a life long endeavor.

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday.



I do like to draw and paint suns…When I’m traveling about I always take pictures of the artistic suns I see. These photos help to inspire my watercolors.

Here is the original

with some posterization added

A Quilt of Texture

Good Morning – a composite of images make up my quilt of textures.  Printing on fabric with some added stitches would add another layer of interest. I’ll think about this option.

Layers of texture.
Color, lines, designs and patterns.
Surprises flourish.