Watercolor Fantasy Collage

Good Morning – I’ve been busy making watercolor papers and experimenting with cutting, pasting and collage. I followed the flow of the paint and ended up with a fantasy of trees and slanted buildings. All great fun! Have a creative day.

more trees

Good Morning….Another tree scene to add to my December tree art. The trees are cut from magazine ads and I even found some mountains in an advertisement.

This morning I drew what was sitting in front of me on my drawing table.


Sunrise through the trees

Good morning – Yesterday I was experimenting with a straw and blowing the watercolor to develop trees. I chose this one, because I like how the strands of paint made the shapes of branches. The 03 Micron black pen was used to sketch on top of the paint for more dimension and the background is watercolor pencil.

8″ x 6″ watercolor

Do Trees Fall in Love?

The tangled tree has longingly reached her limbs to grab
hold of the spiring resident standing next to her.

It has taken years for her branches, off shoots and sprouting twigs
to entwine with her neighbor.

The neighboring tree is equally eager to share the embrace.
Though her limbs grow straight and are unable to reach
her adjacent companion, she is willing to take in arms
her wooded friend.

Do trees fall in love?