Sunny Boy

Good Morning….Drumroll Please…escrow is now complete, I’ll be moving into my new home in about 10 days. My postings may be sporadic until  the is move is complete. I do have loads of art making from my archives so I will post the oldies on some days .

Today’s offering is from my archives (2014). The art was made in Procreate

Mixed Media

Good Morning…. today’s offering is another mixed media collage using magazines, tissue paper, watercolor, colored pencil and the Procreate app. I can never get enough cutting and pasting.

Have a creative day!

This is the original before adding the digital effects

Additions in Procreate

Working with Procreate

I was visiting and Nina posted she had recently loaded Procreate on her iPad. I’ve been using the app, Procreate, for several years now. I use the program to make art by layering color, textures and collage pieces. Here is sample of a practice session.

This is an original color pencil sketch made several years ago I inserted into Procreate.

I added a layer on top of the original art and I made a line drawing around the Toucan, leaves and limb.

Here is a close up of the layers I used to add color and insert other images to acheive the final art. Once I traced around the actual art, I turned of that layer. You can see at the bottom the box is black without a check mark.

The final art….As I added color and images in the layers I whould erase what I didn’t need.
The background, leaves and limb are from another piece of collage art, the black body is from a picture I took of a woman’s skirt. I toned down the background by adding a layer of faded white and used the sketch tool Organic/Concrete Block to add some texture..

Sketching Ads

It was raining this weekend so I took a walk at the shopping mall. There was a large advertisement of a woman drinking wine. I made some sketches and then I added the color, texture and bold lines in Procreate. This reminds me of the warm days to come.