Daily Routines

The sun rises and the sun sets; an expected daily routine. Today’s collage, a mix of printed paper, drawing and words. I find it magical to put together a puzzle of elements and finding an image I like. The sun is up, I’m ready for the day.

Sun… rising, setting.
And, what happens in between?
A creative day!

A combination of two printed papers made with cut out elements and printers ink.

Printmaking Cards

My printmaking project involved cutting up cereal box cardboard in a variety of shapes and then gluing them on to another piece of cardboard… approximately 5 x 8.

I used gouache and painted the raised design on the cardboard and printed it on white card stock. After the paint dried I added black marks with my Micron black pen.
I’m happy with the results. I’ll be making more of these.

The reason I made the print was to make a birthday card for my grandson. He is a musician and he plays the guitar and composes music.

I think my grandson will like this card. 🙂
It’s always fun to see how the printed color turns out on the cut out shapes.