Artichoke and Bagels

Happy Monday!

Food items are the topic of the day.
Have a creative day and draw or paint something in the kitchen, an endless source of options.

Artichoke – watercolor and pencil

Bagels – watercolor, gouache and watercolor pencil

Writer’s Block?

I’ve not had too much time in the past three days to draw or visit WordPress because I’ve been packing and moving. I’m settled in my new abode and now and can get back to my normal routine. Yesterday, as I was waiting for my crew to show up and help with the move I drew this fellow pondering his creativity. Creative blocks happen…my method to get break the block is start doodling ot take long walk. Enjoy your day…I’ll be unpacking and setting up my new art space.

Pencil and Brown pen. I altered the tone in Photoshop.