Daily Routines

The sun rises and the sun sets; an expected daily routine. Today’s collage, a mix of printed paper, drawing and words. I find it magical to put together a puzzle of elements and finding an image I like. The sun is up, I’m ready for the day.

Sun… rising, setting.
And, what happens in between?
A creative day!

A combination of two printed papers made with cut out elements and printers ink.

Mono Print

I have mentioned before that I’m helping out as a volunteer, at my granddaughter’s school, in the art classes. Today, some of volunteers met and we made some mono prints, using styrofoam and a dull pencil to make our image.

This is the original styrofoam image with the ink residue.

The original ink print

Altered colors done in Photoshop Express and placed in Procreate with some added background textures.