Do Trees Fall in Love?

The tangled tree has longingly reached her limbs to grab
hold of the spiring resident standing next to her.

It has taken years for her branches, off shoots and sprouting twigs
to entwine with her neighbor.

The neighboring tree is equally eager to share the embrace.
Though her limbs grow straight and are unable to reach
her adjacent companion, she is willing to take in arms
her wooded friend.

Do trees fall in love?

Donuts and Hearts

Good Morning, I belong to a small fiber arts group, called the Twisted Stitchers, at the Ventura Library. We are always thinking about kooky things to make. We decided to make donuts and then add kind messages and give them away.

Here is my first plate of crocheted donuts. I wrote a haiku ( to the best of my ability) to add to them.

Donuts, soft pillows
Eat with free abandon
Sugar lips remain

The other day I was walking and I came across this Heart inscribed in the cement. With such permanence I wondered if this relationship has also stood the test of time, I hope so.

A permanent heart
Etched into the cement sidewalk
Hope for two lovers