Oak Leaf

Out of the many hundreds of oak leaves falling in my yard, I picked this one to paint. The mottled colors would present a challenge. I spent a few hours on Sunday practicing with watercolor, watercolor pencil and Kuretake Zig watercolor brush paints. I used multiple layers of color to achieve my results. A few hours well spent. Happy Monday!


Good Morning…I’ve been off line for a few days because of devastation in my community of Thousand Oaks, CA. Starting on Wednesday, we had a mass shooting at a local restaurant, 12 people were killed. As our town was coping with that horrendous matter, on Thursday two fires broke out and as of right now more than 80,000 acres have burned causing horrible destruction of homes, businesses and terrain. One of the fires has some containment, but the other is out of control and making its way through the Santa Monica mountains down to Malibu Beach area. More than 250,000 people have been evacuated.

Our family is very grateful and lucky that we didn’t have to evacuate. We  had our bags packed and we were ready if we needed to leave. We only live a few miles from some of the worst damage.

Everyone here knows someone who has lost their home, or is evacuated not knowing what they will return too. We will now be helping those who need it most.

Your good thoughts are needed for this part of the country. Thanks so much.

Patterned Sycamore Leaf

Leaves are Falling

Greetings….I’m finally moved into my new house and my routine is starting to return to normal. This week I can begin my art making, again. Today’s post is from the archives, a fitting image for the fall season.

Digital Nature

On my walk yesterday, I found this spotted leaf. I brought it home to see what would inspire me from it’s color and texture. I made my digital leaf in Procreate by layering a watercolor design  and differernt pen options that come with the app. Happy Day!

The original leaf

Leaf inspired watercolor design


Finished Leaf

Adventure Needed!

Art is always an adventure. I’m working on an Art Journal and I decided to do several pages using pumpkins. I wasn’t happy with my results and just started splattering color and then I cut out some leaves. I’ve changed my course, I’m now making the Art Journal pages with colorful leaves.

7″ x 7″ leaf collage. The words were added in Photoshop.

Plus: special thanks to Kerfe and Nina at Method Two Madness for welcoming me back to the blog world!