Monday’s Bird

Good Morning! More digital…I’m enjoying working with the Procreate app for the IPad Pro. So today, another post using a combination of the paper background I made, imported into the app and the bird drawn with color and effects in Procreate. Enjoy your Monday.

This is the original background

Monday’s Bird

Layered Art

Today’s art was made by combining  the BW line drawing of the rainy day girl and watercolor pattern.  I inserted the girl and the painted pattern into the Procreate  drawing app on my IPad. Using the layer portion of the app, and I was able to add and subtract the pattern where I wanted it to show through on the girl and background.

line drawing and painted pattern

Rainy Day Girl  – created in Procreate

Procreate Layers



More Sets of Hands

Greetings – After posting yesterday’s hands I decided to give the hands a second try. This time I took a picture of the BW drawn hands and went completely digital in Procreate on my iPad.

Full color and a sepia duotone. The sepia hands reminds me of rock art.