Greetings: The prompt for day 10 of #watercolormonth is Ocean creatures. I’ve chosen the gentle Manatee as my subject.

Size: 6″ x 8″ watercolor and watercolor pencils

Gentle Manatee
Glides through the shallow waters
with the calm currents.

Lap Cat

Good Morning and Happy Monday!
Today’s lap cat is digitally enhanced in Photoshop. The original art is a watercolor.

Sit on my lap cat.
I need to tell you my woes.
Dear friend, I need you.

Laundry Day

Good Morning- I was going through some of my fabric illustrations and I came across “Laundry Day”. This is a scene we don’t see much of now. Hanging the laundry was one of my jobs as a kid. I always loved the smell of the clothes when they were dry. I added the lettering in Photoshop.

Laundry a chore? No…
Plaids, prints, whites, socks and blue jeans.
Family memories.

Small Book

Good Morning….Working with fibers, fabric, threads and paper is always a good experience for me. I made this small book as a gift awhile ago. The cover is crocheted and I added embellishments I had on hand.

Enjoy your day!

Size folded 4” x 6”

Folded Cover

Full Cover

Inside pages

Leaves falling
foot steps are heard
on a colorful carpet

Snow falls
the white landscapes glistens
and there is no sound

No sleep
long hot nights bring
cool mornings









Dancing Shoes

This fellow is waiting in line to enter the dance hall. Tonight is the Lindy Hop dance contest. I’d say with the shoes he’s wearing, there may be a blue ribbon waiting at the end.  Heehee!

Put on your dance shoes
Tap your toes, swing to the beat
Shake across the floor.

5 12/“ x 8”
Watercolor, watercolor pencil, paper collage

Donuts and Hearts

Good Morning, I belong to a small fiber arts group, called the Twisted Stitchers, at the Ventura Library. We are always thinking about kooky things to make. We decided to make donuts and then add kind messages and give them away.

Here is my first plate of crocheted donuts. I wrote a haiku ( to the best of my ability) to add to them.

Donuts, soft pillows
Eat with free abandon
Sugar lips remain

The other day I was walking and I came across this Heart inscribed in the cement. With such permanence I wondered if this relationship has also stood the test of time, I hope so.

A permanent heart
Etched into the cement sidewalk
Hope for two lovers