Maui 2

On the road to Lahaina, we stopped at a bus converted into a juice stand,  serving fresh fruit smoothies. We tried the Dragon Fruit and Strawberry, delicious. While my son was waiting for the smoothies I snapped a picture thinking at the time, this would make a cool painting.  The truck was hand painted which made it more intriguing.

I’ve been obsessively painting for two days, here is my results (I used the graph method to transfer the picture to my watercolor paper). I made a few changes from the original photo.

This the original photo

14” x 14” watercolor and watercolor pencil

Strawberry Land

I live only a few miles from where the strawberries are growing in Oxnard, CA. Soon, there will be strawberry shortcake, strawberry smoothies, and the pure joy of eating a sweet, juicy strawberry.

My morning warm up… acrylic, colored pencil on cardboard


Letters T, U and a Moose

Good morning and happy Tuesday. I’m coming to the end of my alphabet and today I bring you T and U. Plus, a drawing I made for my brother’s birthday card. He lives in a ranch in Montana with lots of visiting wild critters.

My brother’s birthday card…