Agave Paper Collage

Greetings….Today’s offering is a paper collage. I used the beautiful papers, Jill Kuhn designed for me, here is the post about our designed papers. My sewing machine was used to to outline the Agave and add texture to the background. These days the sewing machine is used for art purposes and an occasionally clothing repair only. Have a creative day!

12″ x 12″

Fiber art

Good Morning….In past years, I spent many hours creating fiber art. Now, my hands get tired making all of the little stitches. Below are a few small samples of creations I’ve made.


Paper Quilt and Cookies

Good Morning, happy Thursday!

Christmas Tree #1: painted triangles fitted together as a paper quilt. I did use my sewing machine to add to the texture of the tree.

Cookie # 2: frosted Christmas cookie cut outs painted with Derwent watercolors and colored pencils. So many possibilities!

Fiber and Paint

Many moons ago I spent hours working with fabrics and thread. I used this medium for my illustrations. This is one of the illustrations I personally loved and still own.

Here is the background for a new greeting card to come, I’ll post the finished image in the next post.

Look to the Garden

Here is some art from the archives…I was very involved with fabric illustration for many years. At the present time I don’t have the room to keep the stash of fabric, etc to make fabric art.  Watercolor and pens take up much less room.

Making the old new again.

Like most artists, I have lots of past projects and miscellanous papers, etc. To keep ahead of the collection of stuff, I combine art that I’ve already made. I usually put them into art journals which is a good way to view what I’ve created. I’m working on an art journal right now and I’ve added two pages…making the old new again.

This art making is a combination of two drawings repurposed.