Fabric Illustration

Greetings – I’ve been gone for a few days, so I’m posting a few pieces of art making from the archives. Back to the drawing table this week.

The elephant made from a paper bag/ fabric and the gargoyle is made from fabric with some Photoshop enhancements.


Good Morning…to get a boost for my morning warm up, I was looking through a magazine and came across a fabric design that inspired me to draw my own rendition. I used watercolor, watercolor pencil, brown tone graphic marker and the finale was posterization in Photoshop.

Fiber and Paint

Many moons ago I spent hours working with fabrics and thread. I used this medium for my illustrations. This is one of the illustrations I personally loved and still own.

Here is the background for a new greeting card to come, I’ll post the finished image in the next post.

Look to the Garden

Here is some art from the archives…I was very involved with fabric illustration for many years. At the present time I don’t have the room to keep the stash of fabric, etc to make fabric art.  Watercolor and pens take up much less room.

Making the old new again.

Like most artists, I have lots of past projects and miscellanous papers, etc. To keep ahead of the collection of stuff, I combine art that I’ve already made. I usually put them into art journals which is a good way to view what I’ve created. I’m working on an art journal right now and I’ve added two pages…making the old new again.

This art making is a combination of two drawings repurposed.