Making the old new again.

Like most artists, I have lots of past projects and miscellanous papers, etc. To keep ahead of the collection of stuff, I combine art that I’ve already made. I usually put them into art journals which is a good way to view what I’ve created. I’m working on an art journal right now and I’ve added two pages…making the old new again.

This art making is a combination of two drawings repurposed.

Transformed Handwork

Good Morning – originally the embroidery you see here was made several years ago. The image is from a drawing my daughter had made of bamboo. The embroidery has been in a box for several years. Sometimes putting something away and then finding it again opens the doors for new creativity.

I recently added the beads and the backdrop is watercolor (on the backside of a canvas) and crinkled paper bag.

Size: 12 x 12

Fabric Art

A few years ago, I entered several contests for illustrating recipes. The Graham Cracker Cottage ended up on the HGTV website through the holidays.  I used one of my favorite mediums for illustrating.  I wish my hands would cooperate more these days with the needle and thread, but hours of embroidary doesn’t work anymore. I hope you enjoy these. Have a happy day.