Leaves are Falling

Greetings….I’m finally moved into my new house and my routine is starting to return to normal. This week I can begin my art making, again. Today’s post is from the archives, a fitting image for the fall season.

Two Misc.

It has been a busy week with childcare duties…so a few pieces of art from several years ago. School starts today, so I’ll be back to my regular schedule of making art. Have a wonderful day.

Irish Wolf Hounds are so charming.

A mix of drawing and digital collage.

A Walk in the Park

Good Morning…This postcard came about from a watercolor practice sheet of color and circles and a black and white copy made of the design. I made the trees from the original art and the dog is cut out from the B&W version. And, as usual I add some patterns on the grass and sky. Just having fun!

Size 5″ x 7″


When I was a kid, our family pet was a Basset Hound named Pokey. She loved the whole family. She lavished us with unconditional love and adoring companionship.



Wish You Were Here!

Good Morning…Here are a couple of digital artworks from my archives. They were both hand drawn, then scanned and the patterns and color were added in Photoshop. I’m taking a trip for a few days, so I won’t be posting until Friday. Enjoy the week and see you in a few days.

Keeping in the theme of the Year of the Dog…Three Dogs on Vacation

How many times do you drive by a strip mall and wish the stores were ones you really wanted to shop in. Here is my list for “my personal strip mall shopping experience”.