Good Morning…I have a little break in my moving process, so today I post Miss Giraffe. I spent many years of my art making creating 3-D objects and animals. I made this giraffe and chair fabric sculpture for an art show  several years ago (and won first place). I donated Miss Giraffe to a local school library in Las Vegas, NV.  She is living a happy life with the kids.

Fiber and Paint

Many moons ago I spent hours working with fabrics and thread. I used this medium for my illustrations. This is one of the illustrations I personally loved and still own.

Here is the background for a new greeting card to come, I’ll post the finished image in the next post.

Crocheted Hamburger

Twice a month I join friends at the Ventura Library and we either knit or crochet a variety of things. For several months we were making donuts. This month I took on the challenge of the hamburger…bun, lettuce, tomato, meat and cheese. I sewed a few beads on top to portray sesame seeds. I used cotton yarn because of the colors that were available. The 5 skeins were only $5.00, the price of a hamburger these days.

Small Book

Good Morning….Working with fibers, fabric, threads and paper is always a good experience for me. I made this small book as a gift awhile ago. The cover is crocheted and I added embellishments I had on hand.

Enjoy your day!

Size folded 4” x 6”

Folded Cover

Full Cover

Inside pages

Leaves falling
foot steps are heard
on a colorful carpet

Snow falls
the white landscapes glistens
and there is no sound

No sleep
long hot nights bring
cool mornings









Art Journal 2

Good Morning, over the last couple of days, I’ve been working on my art journal, including pages of all that is Autumn. There are so many creative possibitlies to explore. Today’s entries includes apple cider and knitting. A good combo on a cold evening.
I used watercolor and watercolor pencils on the pages and a paper collage on the sweater.

Apple Cider

Sweater Weather

Sketch’s at Peet’s Coffee

Donuts and Hearts

Good Morning, I belong to a small fiber arts group, called the Twisted Stitchers, at the Ventura Library. We are always thinking about kooky things to make. We decided to make donuts and then add kind messages and give them away.

Here is my first plate of crocheted donuts. I wrote a haiku ( to the best of my ability) to add to them.

Donuts, soft pillows
Eat with free abandon
Sugar lips remain

The other day I was walking and I came across this Heart inscribed in the cement. With such permanence I wondered if this relationship has also stood the test of time, I hope so.

A permanent heart
Etched into the cement sidewalk
Hope for two lovers