Cats, Birds and Chairs 2

Good Morning….I finally made a post on Draw a Bird Day, by accident.

I’ve illustrated another in my series of Cats, Birds and Chairs. These two characters look as though they are going to be causing some mischief very soon. The bird ( who is the ring leader) is saying, “Just look straight ahead, act normal, they will be leaving soon.”

Have a great weekend.

Brown Pen, Kuretake Zig watercolor pens, background added in Photoshop

Gnarled Gourd

Good Morning – My daughter purchase some gourds for fall decoration. I just loved this small gnarled one,  a perfect model for watercolor.

size: 5′ x 7″ watercolor, black pen, posterized in Photoshop.


Good Morning – of all of my art supplies the simple black pen gives me so much joy. Today’s offering is a Meerkat portrait. I thought he needed a pair of red glasses and bow tie (added in Photoshop).

Have a day filled with laughter.