Winter Coat

Day three of my painted pattern making. The green pattern cut up in squares reminded me of a winter coat. And, the night sky pattern was perfect for the backdrop.  My model is feeling very cool in her new winter coat, fedora and pointy shoes.

In the cold , crisp night
wrapped in my new winter coat
collar up, I’m so cool.

Patterns used

Neighborhood Coyote in the Moonlight

The apartment, where I live, backs up to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Just a block away are hiking trails. If I wanted to, I could hike a trail to the Pacific Ocean beaches. (12 mile hike downhill but then 12 miles uphill, ugh. I’ll take the 20 minute drive for now and walk on the beach. Haha)

We share the area with coyotes, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, snakes, rabbits, lizards, other mountain animals and many birds. The other night a coyote wandered into the apartment complex parking area. He looked a bit bewildered. There are lots of cats around so maybe he was on the hunt.

These are the stages of the sketch for the Neighborhood Coyote in the Moonlight.

Size: 5 1/2” x 8”

Watercolor wash to begin

Watercolor pencils on the background, more watercolor to define the shadow areas on the coyote.

Finished coyote with watercolor pencil and black pen.


Digital Nature

On my walk yesterday, I found this spotted leaf. I brought it home to see what would inspire me from it’s color and texture. I made my digital leaf in Procreate by layering a watercolor design  and differernt pen options that come with the app. Happy Day!

The original leaf

Leaf inspired watercolor design


Finished Leaf

October 31 – Happy Halloween

Mother Earth Halloween Hat – made using a paperbag, acrylic paint and scrapbook papers. The netting is a toddler skirt I found at the Dollar Store. I’m ready to trick or treat!

The Lion
8” x 6”
watercolor and watercolor pencil
Another sketch using the same technique as yesterday. I painted the background first and then added the lion, taking advantage of the already added color.


Pumpkin Head

Halloween is just around the corner. I’ll be spending the evening with my daughter and 6 year old granddaughter. We are going to wear costumes. I’m making a hat using a paper bag. I will post it in a few days. Today, I offer you a cat getting ready for Halloween.

watercolor and watercolor pencil
7 “ x 5”

Eat Your Vegetables!

I love to draw vegetables and eat them. I was thinking about the root veggies and how good they are in a crock pot stew. I used watercolor and my watercolor pencils to paint this joyful group of vegetables. Eat your veggies today!

watercolor and watercolor pencil
9” x 8”


Acorn Squash

The autumn squash adds beautiful color to our tables and they taste so good.

My art offering today is the humble Acorn Squash. I’ve included a stuffing of apples and cranberries. Now, I need to actually make this delicious dish. 🙂

watercolor and watercolor pencil
9” x 7”

Art Journal 3

Happy Saturday! I’ve made a few more entries in my Autumn Art Journal. With autumn as the theme there is plenty of inspiration all around me. I live in a place called Thousand Oaks, so acorns and leaves are everywhere.

Acorn booklet with haiku

Pumpkin Visions collage