Mama Bear and Baby Bear

Good Morning… Day 4 of watercolor patterns…I’m recycling the background from yesterday’s art with my cutout bears. It has quite a dramatic effect. I used watercolor and watercolor pencil to add the color and texture to the bears. My models came from an Internet photo, no bears hanging out in my neighborhood, haha! Have a very creative day. 🙂

5 1/2” x 8”

Apple Season

I was already to post today and before I did, I read the news. I was stunned and heartbroken to read about the shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. I just moved back to California from living in Las Vegas for 22 years. I’ve reached out to my friends and family who live in the area. My thoughts and prayers are with Las Vegas today.

Maybe this drawing will bring a smile.

Biting into a crunchy, juicy apple is so satisfying. And, of course the baking season begins in Autumn, so apple pie will be on the list to make. But , as you can see below, my little friend has gotten to the apples before I did, :-).