Gnarled Gourd

Good Morning – My daughter purchase some gourds for fall decoration. I just loved this small gnarled one,  a perfect model for watercolor.

size: 5′ x 7″ watercolor, black pen, posterized in Photoshop.

Leaves are Falling

Greetings….I’m finally moved into my new house and my routine is starting to return to normal. This week I can begin my art making, again. Today’s post is from the archives, a fitting image for the fall season.


Good Morning…I have a little break in my moving process, so today I post Miss Giraffe. I spent many years of my art making creating 3-D objects and animals. I made this giraffe and chair fabric sculpture for an art show  several years ago (and won first place). I donated Miss Giraffe to a local school library in Las Vegas, NV.  She is living a happy life with the kids.