Deviled Eggs

One of my summer time favorites…Deviled Eggs and with a dash of paprika. No runny eggs for me, my eggs must be throughly cooked.

Watercolor an colored pencil 8″ x 6″

Plus…a quick morning sketch 3″ x 5″

Cauliflower Lesson

Today’s watercolor lesson is the Cauliflower….One of my favorite veggies, especially when seasoned with curry and cumin. Painting the cauliflower flowerets was a challenge, but I persevered, more practice needed. 🙂

Watercolor, watercolor pencil and pencil,  8″ x 6″



Artichoke and Bagels

Happy Monday!

Food items are the topic of the day.
Have a creative day and draw or paint something in the kitchen, an endless source of options.

Artichoke – watercolor and pencil

Bagels – watercolor, gouache and watercolor pencil


Greetings…Today’s post are two pieces of art from a few years back. I’ve had a good friend visiting for the past few days and I haven’t put pen to paper.

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week.

Drawing and collage

Colored pencils and Marker

Saguaro #2

Good Morning Wednesday….On Monday,  I posted a watercolor Saguaro and I intended to duplicate the sketch with acrylic….but I ended up taking a different direction. I used an existing canvas I had. It had been covered with crinkled tissue paper. As I painted over the canvas, I left some of the orange tissue paper visible and incorporate the color into the painting.

Size: 20″ x 16″ acrylic

Cheers and have a creative Wednesday.

Watercolor Practice

Good morning… below are a couple of watercolor practice pieces. They are both 5” x 7”. My practice was specifically for blending and layering color. Watercolor has never ending surprises and it is a life long endeavor.

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday.



I do like to draw and paint suns…When I’m traveling about I always take pictures of the artistic suns I see. These photos help to inspire my watercolors.

Here is the original

with some posterization added