I’m Allergic to Cats

I wish I wasn’t allergic to cats. I’d love to have a cat living with me. So instead, I like to draw them in my cat journal.  Here are a few of my characters.

Have a great weekend…see you on Monday.

So charming are cats
Aloof, but curious, too
Ugh, I’m allergic

Art Journal 2

Good Morning, over the last couple of days, I’ve been working on my art journal, including pages of all that is Autumn. There are so many creative possibitlies to explore. Today’s entries includes apple cider and knitting. A good combo on a cold evening.
I used watercolor and watercolor pencils on the pages and a paper collage on the sweater.

Apple Cider

Sweater Weather

Sketch’s at Peet’s Coffee

Donuts and Hearts

Good Morning, I belong to a small fiber arts group, called the Twisted Stitchers, at the Ventura Library. We are always thinking about kooky things to make. We decided to make donuts and then add kind messages and give them away.

Here is my first plate of crocheted donuts. I wrote a haiku ( to the best of my ability) to add to them.

Donuts, soft pillows
Eat with free abandon
Sugar lips remain

The other day I was walking and I came across this Heart inscribed in the cement. With such permanence I wondered if this relationship has also stood the test of time, I hope so.

A permanent heart
Etched into the cement sidewalk
Hope for two lovers


Morning Warm up

The Morning Warm Up
wake up
make a pit stop
head to the kitcen
make coffee
sit down and create something

Here is today’s warm up. Not sure where it will lead , but my creative juices are now following. Have a very creative day.

7” x 5 “ watercolor pad
Watercolor, watercolor pencil, pastel pencil

New Art Journal

Good Morning…I recently joined an art journal group and I’m starting a new art journal called Autumn. I’m going to fill it with all that autumn represent to me. Below is the beginning. I’ll post the process as I complete the pages. The group is meeting today at noon and I’m looking forward to see what the other folks are creating.

Cover 5.5” x 8.5”

Inside cover and page one

I used buttons for the owls eyes

Adventure Needed!

Art is always an adventure. I’m working on an Art Journal and I decided to do several pages using pumpkins. I wasn’t happy with my results and just started splattering color and then I cut out some leaves. I’ve changed my course, I’m now making the Art Journal pages with colorful leaves.

7″ x 7″ leaf collage. The words were added in Photoshop.

Plus: special thanks to Kerfe and Nina at Method Two Madness for welcoming me back to the blog world!

Stay Curious

Welcome to the first day of my new blog Make Art…Magic Happens. It’s been over a year since I left blogging under the name of Monday Tuesday Wednesday ( which no longer exists). The time is right to come back.

I’m interested in many different mediums which include watercolor, drawing, fiber art creation ( including crocheting and knitting), mixed media, art journals and found art. I’ll be including all of these techniques in my art as I post. I also want to include some how tos, so you can see my process.

Art is a magical journey. Most of the time when I start a project a surprise happens and like magic I’m creating something unexpected.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with patterns. Below are two recent artworks.

18″ x 15″ Collage/watercolor


20″ x 16″ Watercolor