October 31 – Happy Halloween

Mother Earth Halloween Hat – made using a paperbag, acrylic paint and scrapbook papers. The netting is a toddler skirt I found at the Dollar Store. I’m ready to trick or treat!

The Lion
8” x 6”
watercolor and watercolor pencil
Another sketch using the same technique as yesterday. I painted the background first and then added the lion, taking advantage of the already added color.


Magically the Humpback Appears

I didn’t plan to paint a humpback whale. I sat at my drawing table and painted the blue background color. The paint dried and it had a watery effect. A perfect place for a humpback whale. Magic happens!

Light as a feather
Humpbacks glide through the water
Gracefully floating

8” x 6”


A New Watercolor Journal

I’ve started a new watercolor journal. I love opening the journal with no expectation and watching what unfolds before me. I get the same gitty excitement that I do when I walk into an art store. A treasure hunt begins, because I don’t know what I’m going to find.

Making art is always on my mind. What a lovely obession.

Todays’ offerings….

Watercolor and watercolor pencil
8” x 5”

Watercolor, acrylic and watercolor pencil
8” x 5”

Pumpkin Head

Halloween is just around the corner. I’ll be spending the evening with my daughter and 6 year old granddaughter. We are going to wear costumes. I’m making a hat using a paper bag. I will post it in a few days. Today, I offer you a cat getting ready for Halloween.

watercolor and watercolor pencil
7 “ x 5”

Eat Your Vegetables!

I love to draw vegetables and eat them. I was thinking about the root veggies and how good they are in a crock pot stew. I used watercolor and my watercolor pencils to paint this joyful group of vegetables. Eat your veggies today!

watercolor and watercolor pencil
9” x 8”


Acorn Squash

The autumn squash adds beautiful color to our tables and they taste so good.

My art offering today is the humble Acorn Squash. I’ve included a stuffing of apples and cranberries. Now, I need to actually make this delicious dish. 🙂

watercolor and watercolor pencil
9” x 7”

Candy Corn…plus Rodeo Dr.

With Halloween just around the corner, I’m ready for my favorite Halloween candy…

I made a small watercolor and watecolor pencil sketch. I then made some alterations in Procreate for the iPad.

Candy corn, so sweet
Once a year I will indulge
The color superb

a few artsy photos from my trip to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA


Admiring the Tiffany Jewels

Looking in the Gucci window

My great nieces and me and my niece taking the picture in the mirror at the Gucci store.



Black, White and Pink

Good Morning – my little piggy says, “Have a lovely day”. I’m expecting my nieces to arrive shortly for a weekend visit, so this will be a lovely day for me.
We will be galvanting around the Los Angeles area and making a stop on the famous Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills. I’ll post a few pics.

Have a great day!

More Sets of Hands

Greetings – After posting yesterday’s hands I decided to give the hands a second try. This time I took a picture of the BW drawn hands and went completely digital in Procreate on my iPad.

Full color and a sepia duotone. The sepia hands reminds me of rock art.

Need a Helping Hand?

Good Afternoon  –  I’m not always sure what’s going to evolve when I start making somthing. I started out drawing a group of hands. What came about wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but here is the finished art. I’m going to work with the hand grouping again and see what I come up with. Stay tuned for more! 🙂

I used watercolor, watercolor pencil and digital help with the stitches, border and heart shapes in Procreate, an app on my iPad. I cut out the letters and placed them on the original before I took a picture.

Original hand drawing


Finished hands
A Haiku I wrote for the art.

Hands are wide open
Vulnerable to the world
Now reach out and help