These images were both enhanced in the Procreate app on my iPad. The sun was originally drawn on fabric with black pen. The second heart was a combination of cut out hearts and drawing. I hope everyone has a few chocolates today!



Laundry Day

Good Morning- I was going through some of my fabric illustrations and I came across “Laundry Day”. This is a scene we don’t see much of now. Hanging the laundry was one of my jobs as a kid. I always loved the smell of the clothes when they were dry. I added the lettering in Photoshop.

Laundry a chore? No…
Plaids, prints, whites, socks and blue jeans.
Family memories.

Daily Routines

The sun rises and the sun sets; an expected daily routine. Today’s collage, a mix of printed paper, drawing and words. I find it magical to put together a puzzle of elements and finding an image I like. The sun is up, I’m ready for the day.

Sun… rising, setting.
And, what happens in between?
A creative day!

A combination of two printed papers made with cut out elements and printers ink.

Bird Day

I’m joining in with Bird Day…my collage is a batch of recycled art and magazine scraps. Many of the drawings and paintings I make get in the stack of things to reuse and today’s bird finally got a chance to shine again in an art journal. Have a creative day!

Mono Print

I have mentioned before that I’m helping out as a volunteer, at my granddaughter’s school, in the art classes. Today, some of volunteers met and we made some mono prints, using styrofoam and a dull pencil to make our image.

This is the original styrofoam image with the ink residue.

The original ink print

Altered colors done in Photoshop Express and placed in Procreate with some added background textures.

Starting the Day

My day has begun with a quick sketch of a dog…”Year of the Dog”. This routine always includes a cup of coffee. Now I’m ready to start my day which includes an Art Journal group and volunteering  as a helper in a kids art class. A perfect day ahead.

I hope your Monday is a creative one.

3:00PM Tea

Lately, I’ve been participating in tea time approximately 3:00 pm.  It gives me that little pick-me-up to get through until dinner. This inspired my tea cup sketch…while I was drinking the tea! Have a happy day.

3:00 o’clock tea time
A moment for reflection
Or, just enjoy tea