Wish You Were Here!

Good Morning…Here are a couple of digital artworks from my archives. They were both hand drawn, then scanned and the patterns and color were added in Photoshop. I’m taking a trip for a few days, so I won’t be posting until Friday. Enjoy the week and see you in a few days.

Keeping in the theme of the Year of the Dog…Three Dogs on Vacation

How many times do you drive by a strip mall and wish the stores were ones you really wanted to shop in. Here is my list for “my personal strip mall shopping experience”.

Digital Sunrise

Good Morning friends…I’m back to Procreate experimenting with the layers function. It is digital collage. The tree was originally a watercolor, altered in Photoshop. The background is tissue paper also enhanced in Photoshop and then combined in Procreate with the added dots for more texture. Have a beautiful day! 🙂

Playing with Paper

Today’s offering is a combination of paper’s ready for the garbage bin. The background is torn paper glued together in no particular order. The woman is cut out from a catalog magazine. Once she was glued to the background, I painted her with several layers white gouache. When the paint was dry, I used Derwent watercolor pencil to redraw the woman and her outfit. All in all, a very fun art project.

Rock Painting

I used to teach art to kids and a favorite art making project was rock painting. I was living in the desert at the time and rocks were everywhere, and right outside the Art Room. With some acrylic paint, the kids had a blast.

Here are a couple of the ideas I came up with.

Expand your Horizons

One sure way to pick up your mood and see life on a brighter side…is make some art. My morning pick me up and warm up was originally painted and then altered in the Procreate app for the IPad.  Its going to be a good day.

Original watercolor

Color alterations and additions made in Procreate on the IPad

Crocheted Hamburger

Twice a month I join friends at the Ventura Library and we either knit or crochet a variety of things. For several months we were making donuts. This month I took on the challenge of the hamburger…bun, lettuce, tomato, meat and cheese. I sewed a few beads on top to portray sesame seeds. I used cotton yarn because of the colors that were available. The 5 skeins were only $5.00, the price of a hamburger these days.