Aloha! I just returned from my fabulous trip to Maui with my family. We stayed in a town called Kihei in a very lovey condominium resort. Our lanai had a view of the ocean, so every morning we started the day with coffee and art. Below are a few of my watercolor illustrations.

Kihei, Maui

26 thoughts on “Maui

  1. louiseaprimeau says:

    Beautiful sketches. Love the turtle especially.

    Sharon, we are going to Maui for two weeks at the end of September. We also rented a condo but I don’t know where it is in relationship to where you were. All I know is that it is about 15 minutes drive south from the airport.


  2. Jet Eliot says:

    I so love Hawaii, and your watercolors do a fantastic job of capturing the colors that the Hawaiian sun highlights, the surroundings of this paradise island of Maui. Great palm tree, I can almost hear them rattling in the wind; great hibiscus and palms and tropical border. And the turtle painting, one of my favorite beings to watch on the islands, is really extraordinary. Of all the hundreds of times I have studied and admired green sea turtles, I never saw this, and I like it so much. Whimsy, beauty, and sea colors. Mahalo!

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