Charles Dickens in a Cup

Good Morning, here is one from the archives… I’m not sure what prompted putting Charles Dickens in a cup, but I just went with the imagination flow. Have a creative Tuesday!

And… a special thanks to Louise Primeau  for featuring my art on her blog for the month of March. Thank you Louise, I’m so honored.

Watercolor, black pen, Photoshop

21 thoughts on “Charles Dickens in a Cup

  1. louiseaprimeau says:

    Thank YOU Sharon for accepting to appear as a featured artist on my website. I didn’t realize how diversified an artist you are until you sent me all that wonderful art you have done in the past. Tomorrow, I will repost one of your works of art on my Facebook art page as a reminder for my friends to visit the blog post and see your amazing work! Have a wonderful day!

    (PS. ❤️ Your Edgar Allan Poe. I taught several of his short stories during my career as a high school teacher. Always had fun with them, and the students love him too!)

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