Scratchboard Drawings

Good Morning Sunday…I offer you two different attempts at scratchboard. I haven’t used these medium in awhile and really love the effects.

The first is done with the paper scratchboard using a wooden stylus. Underneath the black coating is the surprise color.

The rabbit was made on the wood scratchboard using the a variety of metal scratch board tools. I live in Conejo Valley (Conejo is rabbit in the Spanish language). We have thousands of rabbits roaming freely. My town is Thousand Oaks, CA where the Oak trees are protected.

54 thoughts on “Scratchboard Drawings

  1. Jet Eliot says:

    I so liked both of these, Sharon–festive, lively, and happy. The colorful “surprise” reindeer is especially delightful with the fur going in different directions, and the accompanying ornamental designs add flare. And although I am almost always attracted to colors versus black and white, I simply love the rabbit. The rabbit’s face is so big and intense, and you’ve somehow expressed the soft pink part of the ears; with the magnificent oak acorns. And how wonderful that oaks are protected in Thousand Oaks…very cool. Always a joy to see your brilliance, Sharon.

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  2. Claudia says:

    I think scratchboard is a wonderful art medium. Drawn to sparkly things, I love the silver and gold that pops up beneath the artist’s scratch. I love both your images..especially the bunny. Think I’ll get some scratchboard soon!

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  3. Ann December says:

    Love these so much, Sharon! The first one reminds me on my time in Kindergarten, wenn we painted colorful backgrounds with oil pastels, covered them with black oil pastel, and then started scratching. I remember how surprised I was as a kid when I found out that under the black coat the colors are still there 😊 I had completely forgotten this technique, thanks for reminding me!❀️ The second one is real art, I would frame it and put it on my kitchen wall immediately! πŸ’• Have a wonderful week, Sharon!πŸŽ„


  4. Thenise dyson says:

    hi im sorry its been weeks ive been in school and i hadnt had the time i will try to finish when i get the chance, i dont know how long itll be till then, but i ill let you know, it may not be today or tommorrow or sunday, but i do hope you’ll please forgive me, thanks for understanding.

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