Good Morning…I’ve been off line for a few days because of devastation in my community of Thousand Oaks, CA. Starting on Wednesday, we had a mass shooting at a local restaurant, 12 people were killed. As our town was coping with that horrendous matter, on Thursday two fires broke out and as of right now more than 80,000 acres have burned causing horrible destruction of homes, businesses and terrain. One of the fires has some containment, but the other is out of control and making its way through the Santa Monica mountains down to Malibu Beach area. More than 250,000 people have been evacuated.

Our family is very grateful and lucky that we didn’t have to evacuate. We  had our bags packed and we were ready if we needed to leave. We only live a few miles from some of the worst damage.

Everyone here knows someone who has lost their home, or is evacuated not knowing what they will return too. We will now be helping those who need it most.

Your good thoughts are needed for this part of the country. Thanks so much.

Patterned Sycamore Leaf

49 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Tylene says:

    Sharon, you leaf reminds us that nature is resilient. Thoughts and prayers for everyone effected by these awful events. Stay strong. Love you.


  2. overthehillontheyellowbrickroad says:

    Hi Sharon, I’m sorry I’ve been out of touch lately. I’ve been taking a much needed creative break. Though I haven’t commented, I continue to look at and admire your art. I just read your post. My daughter’s boyfriend’s brother and wife live in Thousand Oaks and also had to relocate. Apparently, they are back in their home and there was no damage. I pray for emotional healing in your area. Nature works in mysterious ways. I’m so glad you’re okay. Cathi


  3. Jet Eliot says:

    Dear Sharon, I have been wondering how you are doing, knowing you were near the fires, and appreciate you letting us know that you are safe. I know you are not okay, for I, too, have lived through the devastating Calif. fires of last year; and it is so frightening. Your eloquent words, about helping others around you as you all struggle to catch your footing, were much appreciated. Please know I, and millions of others, are thinking of you and sending warm wishes and love your way during this harrowing time.


    • Sharon Mann says:

      Hi Jet, thank you so much for your comments. Yes, I’m sure all of these fires around California now bring back those fearful times for you. We are so lucky that we are not in the path of the fires. But, the winds continue to blow hard and we must stay vigilant. It feels good to know that you and others are sending these loving messages. It means so much to me. I’ll report what changes are happening over the days ahead. xo Sharon

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  4. Jacob says:

    Sharon, such a relief to hear you and yours are okay. My thoughts are with all affected, I can’t imagine what they’re going through right now. Beautiful art, as always.


  5. JanBeek says:

    My prayers are with you and your neighbors and all those in Harm’s Way. We are sickened by the mass shooting devastation… and disheartened by the fires that are ravaging an already ravaged community. Our hearts go out to you. God bless you and others who are the hands and feet of God – reaching out to help. What can we, who are so far away, do to help – – – besides pray?


  6. Jill Kuhn says:

    Hi Sharon, you have been in my thoughts and prayers during these terrible tragedies in your area. I am glad you are safe but I’m sure it will take time for healing in your city. Sending hugs your way, friend 💗


  7. Claudia McGill says:

    I have been thinking of you and glad to know you are all right. I will keep my fingers crossed that it remains so, and that others find help, and that all of you come through it. Is there any way I, at a distance that I am, can help?


    • Sharon Mann says:

      Hi Claudia – thank you so much. I appreciate your response. There is not much you can do right now, and the same for us. We are just staying out of harms way and the firefighters are doing their heroic job right now to try and save as many homes and peoples lives as possible. I’ll keep you posted.

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  8. Carolyn Barkow says:

    You have wonderful visitors to your blog, Sharon. I’m humbled by their warm expressions of love and hope. I think there is a strength that comes from folks, even from a distance, sharing their loving concern. May you and your family continue to be well and safe and those, who have been unfortunate, soon be able to recover and thrive.


  9. Jodi says:

    Oh Sharon! I’m just catching up to check in. I’m so sorry to hear about the difficult times you are going through right now. How scary those fires are…. And another shooting….. oh my….. why why why??!!?? Feeling so helpless about what to say or do – but just know you are loved – know you give so much to the world with your beautiful art and even more beautiful spirit and soul – and keep shining brightly my friend! Sending hugs from Mars! xo ❤


  10. the Painted Apron says:

    Oh Sharon, I am so sorry to hear how your community has been affected…I remember evacuating from fires several times when I lived in Southern Cal and it is so scary. My sister used to live in Hidden Hills which I know has been affected, and I went to college at Chico and we loved to visit beautiful Paradise, they had some great little restaurants and it was so beautiful. My heart is aching for everyone, stay safe my friend,


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