Cauliflower Lesson

Today’s watercolor lesson is the Cauliflower….One of my favorite veggies, especially when seasoned with curry and cumin. Painting the cauliflower flowerets was a challenge, but I persevered, more practice needed. 🙂

Watercolor, watercolor pencil and pencil,  8″ x 6″



38 thoughts on “Cauliflower Lesson

  1. Osyth says:

    I love the way cauliflower is formed and you have managed to capture that in your typically textural way so perfectly that I want to reach out and grab a floret to nibble whilst I type ….


  2. graham mcquade says:

    Just this minute dug up my first cauliflower from the garden and will be having it for my dinner, along with new potatoes, peas, beans and a courgette. All I need do is cook them.Better crack on.


  3. Patsye says:

    Good grief! You are the consummate blogger and an incredible artist to boot! You put me to shame. I could learn from you. (I could learn from you to say thank you when someone compliments my work….but I’m so flipping lazy and not online enough to catch them.)

    Making stuff, painting, etc. keeps me from falling down a hole that appeared when my 26 year old son died. Art gives me a reason to not just smile, but to live life. Without it I don’t know what I’d do.

    I’m glad it helps you also. You are so talented. I love your knack for illustration with watercolor. And I particularly love this cauliflower. I know how much work went into it. You did a beautiful painting.

    And oh yes, I am now following you and looking forward to it.

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    • Sharon Mann says:

      Dear Patsye, thank you for such a wonderful comment. I am practicing watercolor everyday, it is an elusive medium that has a mind of it’s own, so there is lots of magic to behold. I’m so sorry to hear about your son, I understand the grief and how art can bring us back to our lives…my husband died two years ago. Just keep painting and I will to and I’m so happy you are you are following along with my journey.


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