Have a day of peace and serenity where ever you are. I’ll be on a short trip and won’t be posting for a few days. See you again on Sunday.

My jellyfish were drawn with a white pen in black paper. I then added a special effect in Photoshop Effects on the iPhone for the added blue tones. Sometimes technology has it’s advantages.

Size; 5″ x 7″

23 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. Ellen says:

    Benjamin loves “the jellyfishes in the dark ocean”! I asked, what can you name a jellyfish? “Oh silly Gem, Jell and Lee are their names!” Silly Gem indeed, what else would you name two jellyfish?! Peace and serenity are welcome additions to any day. Benjamin placed a kiss on your little photo and we wish you happy travels. Thank-you x 2!!

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