Mixed Media

Good Morning…. today’s offering is another mixed media collage using magazines, tissue paper, watercolor, colored pencil and the Procreate app. I can never get enough cutting and pasting.

Have a creative day!

This is the original before adding the digital effects

Additions in Procreate

25 thoughts on “Mixed Media

  1. Ellen says:

    Benjamin and I are amazed at how different the same picture appears with the addition of bright colors. He loves the second one the most because “Orange is the bestest color and my favorite!” He does like the brilliant blue too. I asked what name would he call her and he said : “He doesn’t want a name today, maybe when he isn’t so sad.” Thank-you x 2!! Thought I better add that in Benjamin’s world… she’s are still called he’s!


      • Ellen says:

        Benjamin was happy, he thought that your lady looks sad and that she didn’t want a name until she’s happy. It does become confusing…Benjamin will not say she when talking about feminine beings. This morning’s name choice by Benjamin is “Sad Sally”! He thinks that the lady “is always sad.” Thank-you x 2!!


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