May’s Mutt

Welcome to May!

I think Mutt’s are some of the cutest dogs. I drew this fellow with watercolor and white pen. I transferred the image to Procreate and added some color, additional textures and the text. Finally, I added a color change in Photoshop Express.

Here is the original

The image with many changes…

23 thoughts on “May’s Mutt

  1. Ellen says:

    When Benjamin saw the first painting he said : “He’s a cute little doggie, he needs a name.” After scrolling down to the second one, he looked at me and asked : “How did that happen?” I explained that you added all of this to the first dog and called him Mutt. Following a bit of consideration Benjamin said : “I think the doggie likes that name.” We agree! Thank-you x 2!!

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  2. Jill Kuhn says:

    My family had a “mutt” whose name was “Mugsy” when I was growing up. He was part Husky, German Shepherd and LOVE! He was the sweetest dog! ❤️💕😊 Thank you, Sharon, your art reminded me of him today. xo💕


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