Artist Trading Cards

Good  Morning, recently Lance at
posted some Art Trading Cards (or ACEO…Art cards, Editions, and Originals). The smallness intriques me. I made a few cards years ago, so it’s time to try again. Thanks Lance for your post and getting me started. I’ll be obsessed for a while, haha!

The size is 2.5” x 3/5”. I must say it was very gratifying.

21 thoughts on “Artist Trading Cards

  1. Espirational says:

    Interesting. Thank you for the link. Looks like things have changed from when I was looking at making ATC’s several years ago. I work in fabric and decided they were just too small for me. I do love to work post card size (4 x 6).


  2. Tom Merriman says:

    I love creating ATCs, Sharon – yours look splendid. My next series will, hopefully, include ‘sticking bits’ to them – but I don’t mind just painting or drawing on them. Sometimes, even that size is quite tricky to fill correctly! 😀


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