21 thoughts on “Lovely birds!

  1. Espirational says:

    They are both lovely, but I especially like the pelican. I live on a pelican migration stopover so people expect pelicans from the local artists. I’ve been slow in getting around to it — we’ve been here four years now and I’m working on my first pelicans. I am learning a lot about them.

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  2. Jill Kuhn says:

    Really loving your “R” page, Sharon! Very striking in red! ❤️ And a lovely pelican too!
    I was thinking the other day that it would be fun to do an alphabet letter in my journal again. 😍🌷🐝


    • Sharon Mann says:

      I’m going to make some alphabet drawings, too. I’m posting one tomorrow similar as today, using a bird, flower and piece of fruit with the letter A. So, I’m being the alphabet in a journal. Have a good evening.

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  3. debiriley says:

    soft zen colors of the pelican scene, so calming. and I’m going to have to come back later and study the first. there is alot there. and you’ve used many techniques to balance it into a smooth wonderful Whole. the foliage keeps drawing my eye … love it! 🙂


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