Do Trees Fall in Love?

The tangled tree has longingly reached her limbs to grab
hold of the spiring resident standing next to her.

It has taken years for her branches, off shoots and sprouting twigs
to entwine with her neighbor.

The neighboring tree is equally eager to share the embrace.
Though her limbs grow straight and are unable to reach
her adjacent companion, she is willing to take in arms
her wooded friend.

Do trees fall in love?

16 thoughts on “Do Trees Fall in Love?

  1. Gilles Labruyère says:

    Indeed, they do, especially when there is nothing we, fast humans, can see ! God knows what they tell themselves under the surface of the ground, where the wise spirit of the ancestors lie in peace. Many thanks, Sharon.


    • Sharon Mann says:

      Hi Jodi, I’ve been so inpsired by eveyones writing, that I decided to start carrying a notebook around to jot down more ideas and thoughts during the day. Just writing about the common things around me is opened the flood gates with new ideas. I’m so happy you like what I’ve done here.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ann christina says:

    I think they do. They also protect their children. Here in Germany there’s a bestseller book (äume-kommunizieren/dp/3453280679/ref=sr_1_1/258-0232327-9837134?ie=UTF8&qid=1520408415&sr=8-1&keywords=da+geheime+leben+der+bäume) which exactly deals with the “feelings” and communication of trees. It´s been written by a forester. I haven’t read it yet, but I think I should… Love your painting and the idea! 🌳❤️🌳


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