Mono Print

I have mentioned before that I’m helping out as a volunteer, at my granddaughter’s school, in the art classes. Today, some of volunteers met and we made some mono prints, using styrofoam and a dull pencil to make our image.

This is the original styrofoam image with the ink residue.

The original ink print

Altered colors done in Photoshop Express and placed in Procreate with some added background textures.

24 thoughts on “Mono Print

  1. debiriley says:

    very exciting morning catching up with all your art Sharon! the foam prints are lovely. relaxing. Its great timing, this is next week’s drawing lesson for my group. Would you mind if I used yours as a great example? either via download, or me putting into one of my posts…. ? Giving you, and your website the credit, as is proper. Of course! lol actually, I will probably write your blog down, too. to have them look thru, as an example of creativity + drawing + computer + color/design skill integration. cheers, Debi


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