The Crows are Talking

I live in Thousand Oaks in Southern California and I’m surrounded by rolling hills, oak trees and lots of birds. Every morning, I wake to the crows talking to eacn other.

This acrylic painting was made last year. I rarely paint in acrylics these days but I’m finding an interest again.


23 thoughts on “The Crows are Talking

  1. Barbara Kuhn says:

    I love where you put the crow’s head, like you were taking a picture and it popped it’s head in front of the camera (photo bombed by a crow) : )


  2. -N- says:

    Crows – luv ’em or hate ’em! Altogether a fun painting as you really have a crow very happy to be in SoCal rather than New England at the moment.


  3. memadtwo says:

    Oh this is wonderful! I’ve got another crow post brewing myself.
    I’ve been wanting to paint in acrylics again too–real painting, not just monoprint. This is certainly inspiring. I’m not organized in myself enough yet, but hopefully before the end of 2018…(K)


  4. debiriley says:

    gentle skies and soft rolling lush hills, so lovely…. and with their contrast with the dark and often maligned Crow it is an interesting combination. Especially how you have created the expression on the crow. Ravens/Crows probably rank close to being the most intelligent of birds, its amazing how they process and solve problems. some people could learn from them! Laughing


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