Coming Up….

Good Morning….At the end of January, I’m joining another artist at the Topanga Vintage Market, that is held monthly near my home.  I’ll be selling the art pin/necklace that is below. I make these pins from recycyled paper, scrapes of fancy papers, fabrics and beads. I’m in the process of building my stock. I’m really looking forward to the experience and expanding my artistic community.

I wish you all a beautiful holiday weekend, and I’ll be back on Tuesday.

Size: 2 3/4” x 2 3/4”


13 thoughts on “Coming Up….

  1. Jet Eliot says:

    It is wonderful to hear how you continue to expand your art and community, Sharon; your enthusiasm is a joy to behold. The jewel you have designed and created here is beautiful, I love the combination of beads and paper, color and artistry. Have a happy holiday weekend, my friend, and thank you for sharing your art and art journey with us.


  2. Jill Kuhn says:

    So beautiful Sharon! ❤️ And sounds like a fun project! I like how colorful it is and how you added beads. I’d like to purchase one from you! 🎨👍 Merry Christmas to you! 🎄💕


  3. Claudia McGill says:

    I think that the end of January is a great time for this show, too – a time of year when people need a pick me up. And you will have so much fun. The pin lady is as beautiful on a second viewing as the first.


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