Three Snowmen

I’ve been making gifts for the up and coming Christmas party. These three snowmen will be filled with candy. They were so easy to make using toliet paper rolls and scraps fo paper. I’m glad I have the time to make these little gifts.

How I attached the hat
I made a 3” strip and glue to the inside of the hat. One side of the strip is folded and glued to the back inside and the front is folded  down 1/2” . The small tab inside the front keeps the hat closed.

22 thoughts on “Three Snowmen

  1. Osyth says:

    Adorable. I am working with the poorest old of the city on Christmas Eve night (traditionally the most important moment of the festival in France) – I will be serving dinner and generally entertaining them. I have been thinking of what I could put on the table as a little gift to each of them … these are perfectly perfect and I will have a go – you have no idea how many toilet-roll inners I have!

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  2. Jet Eliot says:

    I scrolled down to the photo and a huge smile lit my face and a laugh emerged. These little snowmen evoke nothing but joy, what a pleasure. I liked hearing about the gluing technique, and seeing up-close the details. Not only does this take immense creativity, you must have very steady hands. Absolutely wonderful creation, Sharon.


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