A New Watercolor Journal

I’ve started a new watercolor journal. I love opening the journal with no expectation and watching what unfolds before me. I get the same gitty excitement that I do when I walk into an art store. A treasure hunt begins, because I don’t know what I’m going to find.

Making art is always on my mind. What a lovely obession.

Todays’ offerings….

Watercolor and watercolor pencil
8” x 5”

Watercolor, acrylic and watercolor pencil
8” x 5”

16 thoughts on “A New Watercolor Journal

  1. the Painted Apron says:

    Oh goodness, your butterfly is stunning! And the landscape is so unique! I have been trying to do a drawing a day, my alphabet challenge, and know what you mean about letting magic happen…I just start and let it go from there, and I have had so much fun!! You have re-inspired me!


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