Have a day of peace and serenity where ever you are. I’ll be on a short trip and won’t be posting for a few days. See you again on Sunday.

My jellyfish were drawn with a white pen in black paper. I then added a special effect in Photoshop Effects on the iPhone for the added blue tones. Sometimes technology has it’s advantages.

Size; 5″ x 7″

Look to the Garden

Here is some art from the archives…I was very involved with fabric illustration for many years. At the present time I don’t have the room to keep the stash of fabric, etc to make fabric art.  Watercolor and pens take up much less room.

A Walk in the Park

Good Morning…This postcard came about from a watercolor practice sheet of color and circles and a black and white copy made of the design. I made the trees from the original art and the dog is cut out from the B&W version. And, as usual I add some patterns on the grass and sky. Just having fun!

Size 5″ x 7″


When I was a kid, our family pet was a Basset Hound named Pokey. She loved the whole family. She lavished us with unconditional love and adoring companionship.