More Sets of Hands

Greetings – After posting yesterday’s hands I decided to give the hands a second try. This time I took a picture of the BW drawn hands and went completely digital in Procreate on my iPad.

Full color and a sepia duotone. The sepia hands reminds me of rock art.

Need a Helping Hand?

Good Afternoon  –  I’m not always sure what’s going to evolve when I start making somthing. I started out drawing a group of hands. What came about wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but here is the finished art. I’m going to work with the hand grouping again and see what I come up with. Stay tuned for more! 🙂

I used watercolor, watercolor pencil and digital help with the stitches, border and heart shapes in Procreate, an app on my iPad. I cut out the letters and placed them on the original before I took a picture.

Original hand drawing


Finished hands
A Haiku I wrote for the art.

Hands are wide open
Vulnerable to the world
Now reach out and help

The Night Prowler

My creative process for today’s post, The Night Prowler.

I started out with a page of watercolor painted pattern.

Cutting the design into squares might be a good idea, and then realign the squares. I did not glue the pieces down so I can use them again.

The end product…The Night Prowler…I made it into 5.5” x 7.5” greeting card for a friend’s birthday.


Cozy Kitty

Good Morning – My Cozy Kitty is another cutout and collage watercolor. The blue background was made using a paper towel to soak up paint and the texture of the paper towel was imprinted on the remaining paint. I added watercolor pencil when the paint dried. I painted three of these kitties before I finally surrendered.

Cats are finicky
But, they don’t mind wearing coats
with lots of color

Cozy Kitty
9” x  9” watercolor and water color pencil

Moonlight Friends

I’ve been filling art pages with patterns using watercolor and watercolor pencil. My cat and dogs are cutouts from the original pattern art. The patterns and cutouts are a good project, I’ll be making some more in the next few days.

10” x 10”
watercolor and watercolor pencil, cutouts on black paper

Moonlight Friends

Painting Thread

My needle and thread sit idle these days. I used to make fabric illustrations, but handling the needle for long hours makes my hand very tired. But, luckily watercolor, watercolor pencil and manipulating paper is the perfect transition.  I’m always painting textures and fabric looking things in what I make.

Today’s first offering is some fun with color and lines, I was trying to duplicate an applique look. The second drawing is a chair and lamp from a magazine imported into Procreate (art app on my iPad) and then I added the figure.

Enjoy your day wherever you are, I’ll do the same.

8” x 8” watercolor and water color pencil

Made in Procreate on IPad

Nature’s Small Capped Jewel

As a kid, I used to love to make dolls from the acorn. The little cap was perfect for pipe cleaner dolls.
I’ve spent a lifetime as a creative maker of all kinds of things. Some fondest memories are of sitting in the front yard playing house and making dolls and furniture with what ever was available around me on the ground, including the mud. 🙂

6” x  6” watercolor and watercolor pencil

Autumn’s small capped jewel
Scattered all over the ground
Beneath the oak tree

Maple Leaves

I just had to draw some Maple leaves this autumn. There are an abundance of maple, oaks, and eucalyptus trees in my neighborhood so there are lot of drawing studies to choose from.

I had a busy weekend but I was just able to squeeze this drawing into the scedule. I attended my 50 year high school reunion and my best friend from high school stayed with me. There was a lot of catching up to do, we hadn’t seen each other for 45 years.

Enjoy the day.

Maple Leaves
7” x 6”
Watercolor and watercolor pencil

Art Journal 3

Happy Saturday! I’ve made a few more entries in my Autumn Art Journal. With autumn as the theme there is plenty of inspiration all around me. I live in a place called Thousand Oaks, so acorns and leaves are everywhere.

Acorn booklet with haiku

Pumpkin Visions collage