Rock Painting

I used to teach art to kids and a favorite art making project was rock painting. I was living in the desert at the time and rocks were everywhere, and right outside the Art Room. With some acrylic paint, the kids had a blast.

Here are a couple of the ideas I came up with.

Expand your Horizons

One sure way to pick up your mood and see life on a brighter side…is make some art. My morning pick me up and warm up was originally painted and then altered in the Procreate app for the IPad.  Its going to be a good day.

Original watercolor

Color alterations and additions made in Procreate on the IPad

Crocheted Hamburger

Twice a month I join friends at the Ventura Library and we either knit or crochet a variety of things. For several months we were making donuts. This month I took on the challenge of the hamburger…bun, lettuce, tomato, meat and cheese. I sewed a few beads on top to portray sesame seeds. I used cotton yarn because of the colors that were available. The 5 skeins were only $5.00, the price of a hamburger these days.


These images were both enhanced in the Procreate app on my iPad. The sun was originally drawn on fabric with black pen. The second heart was a combination of cut out hearts and drawing. I hope everyone has a few chocolates today!



Laundry Day

Good Morning- I was going through some of my fabric illustrations and I came across “Laundry Day”. This is a scene we don’t see much of now. Hanging the laundry was one of my jobs as a kid. I always loved the smell of the clothes when they were dry. I added the lettering in Photoshop.

Laundry a chore? No…
Plaids, prints, whites, socks and blue jeans.
Family memories.