Letters D and E

I’m going to stick with this Alphabet Journal until it’s done. So, over the next few weeks these watercolor flowers, fruit and birds will be my post, with a few extra arty things as well.

We will welcome Spring this week.

Letters D and E



Letter C and Misc.

Good Morning – on to letter of my Alphabet Art Journal. Also, I’m working on a miscallaneous art journal combining art that I’ve already made.  I’ve just about completed this journal. I’m going to add a few pockets and fold outs for some surprises. Have a happy day!

Misc. Art Journal pages

Alphabet Journal

Art Journals are a great way to  keep an abundance of art making. Currently, I work on a Dessert Journal, a Cat Journal, a Mixed Media Journal and now I’m starting on an Alphabet Journal. After postng my Red art yesterday, I thought is would be fun to continue with the rest of the letters. So today, the letter A.

Lovely birds!

Good Morning – the birds today are brought to you from the archives ( I missed draw a bird day on the 8th). The raptor in Red has always been one of my favorites.

The pelican was changed to a duotone and sky was added in Procreate.

Sketching Ads

It was raining this weekend so I took a walk at the shopping mall. There was a large advertisement of a woman drinking wine. I made some sketches and then I added the color, texture and bold lines in Procreate. This reminds me of the warm days to come.

Donuts on Friday

I used to love to eat donuts, but not anymore. I can still draw them and enjoy their sweet perfection on paper. The drawing was manipulated in Photoshop with added fabric for textures and colorized.

The sugery glaze
drips down the tempting donut
”Take a bite”, it says.